Who is The Cool Circle?

Who are we?

You may be wondering who even is “The Cool Circle” ? Well, The Cool Circle is a lifestyle brand that aims at raising awareness for endangered animals while promoting global health. Through our cute and fun animals creations that are brought to you by our founder Sean Kim, we hope to bring a personal and unique spin on saving the environment. 

Each of our characters are based on endangered animals that can be found around the globe. Each character has a sweet name that makes this animal seem as if it is your friend! So far, you have been introduced to Pax the Platypus as well as Dani the Dolphin. On our social media pages we also feature a Red Panda, Panda, and our unique Earth Day series characters (the Earth). 

Dani the Dolphin

The Cool Circle combines streetwear with a purpose. On our website we have numerous cozy sweatshirts, t-shirts, and sweatpants that are great to wear while supporting your favorite animals. With each purchase you make, 10% of the proceeds go to help endangered animals around the planet. Organizations we love to donate to include the World Wild Life Fund and the Arbor Day Foundation. 


Why do we care?

According to the World Animal Foundation, there are 5 major causes of declining wildlife: Habitat loss, invasive species, pollution, pesticides, over-hunting.

There have been several times many animals have almost gone extinct due to various reasons. To sum up the reasons for extinction, the acronym “HIPPO” can help. HIPPO stands for, Habitat loss, Invasive species, Pollution, Pesticides, and  Over-hunting. The World Animal Foundation states that these are the 5 leading causes for animals extinction.

As a result of HIPPO, “as many as 30 to 50 percent of all species are possibly heading toward extinction by mid-century.” (dosomething.org). In order to save these species, as well as the planet, it is imperative we start making a change now. Sustainability is key to a healthier planet and it is up to us to help facilitate this change!

 Grant the Gorilla

Our Mission.

Protect animals through our bold and unique designs!

The Cool Circle is dedicated to protecting endangered animals and their habitats by inspiring awareness through bold, playful streetwear-style apparel and accessories. Each collection of ours spotlights a different endangered species, with the goal of sharing their unique story and struggles with the public. Every item purchased is another step towards our mission. We donate 10% of all proceeds to nonprofits that are focused on saving wildlife from extinction. Join The Cool Circle in our fight to preserve the vibrant, thriving world that our future generations deserve — and do it in style!